Getting from here to there

Successful business managers are justifiably proud of their well-honed experience and instinct. But sometimes, completely unexpected circumstances alter historical patterns, which have served so well in the past.

Strategic business planning, like navigation, is getting from here to there. It is knowing what resources are available at the start, and what resources are needed to achieve success. It is taking advantage of favorable winds and working around thunderstorms and other obstacles. Most of all it means keeping focused on targeted landing sites, taking fixes on in-flight positions and adjusting course and speed as needed. Landing sites must be reached safely, in a timely manner, and with the right resources to proceed on the next leg of the flight.

The secret to successful business navigation - and to successful strategic planning - is based on some simple but very basic principles described in the book.

GO FOR IT ! is a guide for the time-pressured business manager who recognizes the need to plan strategically for the future. This book purposefully integrates your hard-won business expertise and experience as a necessary part of the process. It uses simple instructions that are easy to understand and apply. Ample space is provided for your working notes.

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