I wrote this shortly after the deaths of my Mom and Dad, at the thoughtful suggestion of my cousin Virginia Gunter, Editor of Charlton Poets and Friends II, in Charlton, Massachusetts. It expresses some of my strong memories and feelings about my parents.


"Oh, I love Florida .. " my Mom said,
About her first trip to Florida
That Dad sent her on to get well.
" ... and the fragrance of the orange blossoms
Was just like perfume."

"Oh, I love Florida," as she smiled
Across the table at my father,
And hinted, "I wonder what the weather
Down there is doing now."
"Well, Es, maybe we should see
If we can get the same place we had last year."

"Oh, I love Florida, especially
That you were able to be with us tonight.
And, oh Harry, isn't the breeze out here
Just marvelous."
As the three of us walked hand in hand
On the pier that jutted way out in the water.

"Oh, I love Florida, Bobby,
And I'm so glad that you and Ginny
Are going to move down there
Where it's so beautiful."
On hearing me tell her
That we were moving far away.

They're gone now, but not forgotten.
Before scattering their ashes on the edge of the Everglades
I combined them and mixed them together
As I knew both of them would want me to do,
And I thought of the wondrous gift they both gave me
Of unconditional love.

Robert Jenks

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